Indoor Radio Do's and Dont's

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When deploying indoor radio setups with your Bobber 500, keep the following in mind:


  • The indoor radio's estimated range is 30-50m*. Spread your radios out for optimal coverage.
  • Keep the Bobber 500 central in multiple radio setups to keep cable lengths under 100m.
  • Focus on areas where 5G reception is restricted such as underground or inside buildings.
  • Indoor radios are omnidirectional, so place it in a central location inside.
  • Ceilings and high up on walls make ideal locations indoors.


  • Deploy behind obstructions such as concrete walls.
  • Connect more than 5 radios per gateway.
  • Have Ethernet cable lengths over 100m as it can affect data speeds.
  • Deploy outdoors as radios are not weather resistant.

*Range of indoor radios vary. Please check Bobcat's articles on indoor small cell ranges for up to date information.

An added bonus to deploying indoor radios vs outdoor is that indoor radios do not require the CPI approval process to be followed and simply need a GPS lock to be SAS registered and able to earn rewards!

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