Outdoor Radio Do's and Dont's

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When deploying outdoor radio setups with your Bobber 500, keep the following in mind:


  • Take into account a radio's beamwidth when setting up. See the graphic above!
  • Place antennas on high ground or rooftops free from obstructions.
  • Focus on areas with high foot traffic where people will use their phones and existing 5G reception is poor.
  • Direct antennas to face more populated areas.
  • Keep Ethernet cable lengths under 100 meters.


  • Deploy in places where people's movements are fast (e.g. freeways)
  • Point all radios towards the same direction.
  • Deploy near obstructions such as concrete walls.
  • Connect more than 5 radios per Bobber 500 gateway.

For assistance with the CPI registration process for your outdoor radios, refer to our article on how to complete a successful CPI registration!

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