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In order to transfer ownership of a hotspot, the device must have performed some Proof of Coverage activity within the last 1,200 blocks (approximately 20 hours). This is a security measure implemented by the Helium network to prevent users from purchasing broken or non-working hotspots. There is no way to transfer ownership of hotspots not performing Proof of Coverage activity at this time.

Ownership of a hotspot can only be transferred by the wallet which owns that hotspot on the blockchain (whoever has the private key/seed phrase of that wallet). Bobcat has no way of transferring ownership of devices and cannot assist with 3rd party sales where the seller does not transfer ownership of the device.

NOTE: At current, hotspots belonging to new 24-word Helium wallets are not able to be managed by the Bobber App. This functionality is coming soon, so stay tuned! In the meantime, if you need to manage a hotspot owned by a 24-word wallet, you will need to use the Helium CLI wallet to transfer ownership to a 12-word wallet which can then be managed by the Helium Hotspot App or Bobber App. For details on this process, refer to this Nova Labs resource on the topic.

Related to this information, please ensure you are transferring ownership of the hotspot to a 12-word Helium wallet or the receiving party is aware of this limitation and confirms they want it transferred to their 24-word Helium wallet.

Transferring Ownership


In order to successfully transfer ownership of a hotspot you must have the Helium Hotspot App logged into the wallet which owns the hotspot in question, as well as have your Helium Hotspot App wallet deeplinked to the Bobber App. You will also need the receiving address (public address) of the wallet to which you would like to transfer ownership or the QR code of the address to scan.


In the Bobber App, navigate to the Hotspots tab. Tap on the hotspot you want to transfer.


Tap on the Settings cogwheel for the hotspot.


Tap "Transfer Hotspot" from the menu.


Confirm you want to transfer this particular hotspot by typing the name in the field (this is not case-sensitive). Once done, the "Continue Transfer" button will activate. Tap the "Continue Transfer" button.


Tap the QR Code button to scan the QR code of the receiving address, or paste the address into the "Buyer Address" field.


Once the "Buyer Address" field is filled with an address, the "Transfer Hotspot" button will activate. If the address is correct, tap "Transfer Hotspot" to confirm.

NOTE: There is a fee of 55,000 Data Credits ($0.55 USD) which is charged to transfer ownership of the device. This is a network fee which must be paid, and is not charged by Bobcat. HNT in your wallet will automatically be burned to provide the 55,000 DC if you do not have sufficient Data Credits in your wallet - there are no additional steps needed for this burning process.


You will be brought to the Helium Hotspot App and asked to sign the transaction for the transfer.


After tapping "I Confirm" you will receive a success message. The transfer can take up to 30 minutes to process on the blockchain. Tap "Got It!" to close the message.


After 30 minutes, check the hotspot's page on the Helium Explorer. If the transfer was successful, there should be a red "Transfer Hotspot" transaction listed in the activity pane. Clicking on the transaction will show additional details. The hotspot is now transferred to its new wallet successfully!


If the hotspot was/will be moved to a different placement, the new owner will now need to update the location and update the antenna details using the linked guides.

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