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Downloading the Log File

The Diagnoser now allows you to download and examine the logs from your Miner!

Simply click on "Logs" in the Diagnoser


You will be prompted to save the log file to your device. By default, it will download as a .txt file named console.txt


You can then open the log in any text editor and examine its contents


If searching for something specific, you can typically use CTRL+F to search the document for whatever you're looking for.

Important Notes About Logs

Helium Miner logs contain thousands of entries and it is natural to see error messages quite often - not every error message indicates an actual issue.

One example of this is when a LoRa sensor that is not registered on the Helium Console and such does not use the Helium Network attempts to attach to your LoRa gateway - the Miner will reject and drop these packets from the sensor as only sensors attached to an account which can pay the Helium Data Credit fees to use the network will be permitted to send data over the Helium Network.

The dropping of these packets (a perfectly normal and expected behavior for the Miner) will be logged in the console log as errors and drops which can appear to signal an issue with the Miner.

Please do not submit tickets for your Miner simply due to error messages seen in the logs. There must be other evidence or symptoms of functionality issues with the device in order for support staff to assist with your miner.

The log files are made available for informational purposes only and as such, we will not be able to assist with what particular log entries mean or how to interpret the log files.

If submitting a ticket for a functional issue or some other symptom, you are welcome to include the log file from your device however this is not required. If a Bobcat Support agent can access your device remotely, they will be able to examine these same logs with no issues.

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