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Important Note

This article pertains only to those who have been instructed by Bobcat Support Engineers to manually upgrade their firmware. If you have not been instructed by Bobcat Support Engineering then your Miner 300 will not be registered to our management platform and you will not be able to upgrade firmware. If you are having firmware issues please create a support ticket here so that we can diagnose and if needed register your miner for a manual firmware upgrade.

You will need to have provided the MAC1 address and serial number of your device (usually via providing a picture of the sticker on the back of the unit) to Bobcat Support in order to have it authorized for this tool before the tool will work. Attempting this process before Support has registered your device to the management platform will result in a "SN not within valid range" or "SN not found" error.

Required Tools

  1. Miner 300
  2. A computer with internet access and Windows Operating System
  3. Micro USB cable - Must be a data transfer USB cable
  4. Ethernet cable
  5. T9 Torx screwdriver
  6. Firmware Upgrade Tool software (See below to install)


Step 1 - Install Firmware Upgrade Tool

  • Click this link to install Firmware Upgrade Tool:


  • This link will download firmware upgrade tool for Windows Operating System only, application will not run on MAC Operating System
  • Open the downloaded firmware upgrade program to install
  • Click More Info - This is normal because this is an engineering build and we do not have this application registered with Microsoft:


  • Click Run anyway:


  • Click Yes to install application:


  • Click Next:


  • Click Install:


  • Click Install Driver:


  • Once driver has installed click OK:


  • Close Window:


  • Click Finish, The firmware upgrade tool is now installed:


Step 2 - Open & Connect Miner 300

  • Disconnect Power from Miner300
  • Using a T9 Torx screwdriver unscrew the 4 screws to open up your miner 300:
    • If Bobcat Support has instructed you to perform this Manual Firmware Flash your warranty will not be void for opening the miner at this time.  


  • With a micro USB cable connect Miner 300 (COM port) to Windows computer (USB):



  • Connect power adapter to Miner 300 only do not connect the other end to power outlet yet:


  • Do not connect the other end to power outlet yet:


Step 3 - Upgrade Firmware

  • Open Firmware Upgrade Tool (Installed in step 1):


  • Now Long Press the button indicated below on the Miner 300's board then power on the device while holding the button:




  • Once you've powered on the device you can release the RECOVERY button. The most important point to remember is the RECOVERY button should be pressed before powering the device on, and should be held down during the power up process.
  • The firmware upgrade tool will always check whether the device is connected, if the device is connected you should see “Found One LOADER Device” in place of "No Device Found" at the bottom of application:
    • If the device cannot be connected unplug device from power and try again holding recovery button then powering back on while still holding recovery button


  • Once device is connected you can start entering the MAC1 & SN of your device (located on the sticker on the back of the device, under the wall mount plate if installed). Use all capitals text.
  • After entering the SN and MAC1 number, the firmware upgrade tool will automatically download the firmware and automatically upgrade the firmware:


  • After Firmware Upgrade is complete Power Off Miner 300 then disconnect micro USB cable from Miner 300:


  • You can now put the Miner 300 cover back on


Step 4 - Connect Ethernet & Power On

  • Now connect the Miner 300 to your router via an Ethernet cable to ensure device is connected to your local network:


  • With ethernet cable connected power Miner 300 back on:



  • It is required that you leave the Miner 300 connected to Ethernet and powered on for roughly 1 hour, the light should be green after 1 hour. This is to allow for a fast and steady connection to download all required OTA updates.
  • After 1 hour if the device shows a green light you can then connect the miner to WiFi if you like:


  • Set Miner 300 back up in your desired location and connect your antenna as it should now operate as expected

Manual Firmware Upgrade Complete




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