Spectrum Access Back to "Connected" After It Had Been Working / DPA Event

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What is a DPA Event?

A DPA event occurs when a higher priority CBRS spectrum user's equipment (US Military RADAR for example) determines it needs other lower priority user's equipment to stop broadcasting temporarily. You may see a message on the Radio dashboard similar to the following:


Why Does a DPA Event Happen?

This sometimes occurs due to the nature of CBRS spectrum allocation - certain users are given higher priority over the spectrum while others are allowed free use of the spectrum. Helium 5G falls under Tier 3, or General Authorized Access and as such, must cease transmission if interfering with a Tier 1 or 2 user. See the below chart for a breakdown:


How Do I Resolve a DPA Event?

Wait and DO NOT reboot. Once the DPA Suspension is over, your radio should come back online without intervention. Suspensions can last from a few hours to a few days for DPA Event. Contact support if you have been suspended for more than 48 hours.

Which Areas Experience DPA Events?

Radios deployed in any area can experience a DPA event if a higher priority spectrum user is nearby and takes over spectrum access. This is more likely to occur more frequently if your location is within 150km of DPA Regions, which are near the coastal areas of the United States. See the map below for details:


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