FreedomFi/Mosolabs Indoor Radio Hardware Specifications

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Indoor Small Cell

The Sercomm Indoor CBRS Small Cell radio is sold by FreedomFi, Mosolabs, and more partners. The specifications are the same:

The Sercomm Indoor CBRS Small Cell is plug-and-play compatible with the original FreedomFi Gateways or any third party, “powered by FreedomFi” gateway appliance (e.g. Bobber 500). It provides up to 15K SQFT of reliable indoor wireless coverage using 3.5Ghz CBRS shared spectrum band and is ideal for placement in indoor shopping malls, hotels, convention centers, stadiums etc.

The Sercomm radio can be powered over AC Power with the included adapter or via Power over Ethernet (802.3at PoE+) and can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.

Amps: 2.5A

Watts: 30W

Volts: 12V



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