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How Remote Support Commands Work

In the Bobber App Web Dashboard and Bobber Cloud site, remote commands can be sent to hotspots you have added. Current available commands are Reboot and Reset. Resync, and Fast Sync were removed with the transition to Light Hotspots (read more about this here). You can schedule a command to be sent in the Web Dashboard and the command will be sent to the hotspot the next time it checks in with Bobcat servers. This typically takes up to 30 minutes. Your hotspot must be able to contact the servers in order to be issued the command, otherwise it will stay in pending status.

Sending Remote Support Commands

To send a remote support command, simply log into the Bobber App and go to Web Dashboard, or log into the Bobber Cloud site. Click on "Gateways" at the top, and click the + icon next to the hotspot you wish to manage - this will expand the details section. At the bottom of the details section, you will see the available commands. Click on the command you wish to schedule. NOTE: Commands can only be scheduled on hotspots which show Online status in the Web Dashboard.


After clicking the command, you will receive a confirmation prompt - click OK.


If your command scheduled properly, you should see a red dot on the command button and a cancel button will appear. If you change your mind after sending the command you can cancel it at any time until it has been processed to the hotspot.


Clicking cancel will present you with another confirmation prompt - click OK.


Remote Support Commands Not Processing

Remote support commands cannot be scheduled for hotspots which show Offline status in the Web Dashboard.


Occasionally, your hotspot may show as Online (green icon, "Good" network status) in Web Dashboard even though it is actually offline. This can be caused by a delay in refreshing status or when Web Dashboard has not yet had a failed check-in from your hotspot which would indicate it is offline. In these instances, you will be able to schedule remote support commands but those commands will not process because your hotspot is not able to check in with the server to be "told" about the commands. This will cause instances where the commands appear to be stuck or not processing. When this occurs, your commands will simply be executed the next time your hotspot checks in with the servers. You can also manually cancel the commands at any time using the above process.



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