Correcting Hotspot Information in Web Dashboard

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Incorrect Information in Web Dashboard

If a hotspot in the Web Dashboard is displaying detail information that is incorrect or does not match, the information can be corrected.

NOTE: Frequently changing detail items such as Online Status, Syncing Status, and other status items can take up to 30 minutes or more to update from the last time your hotspot was able to contact the Bobcat servers and provide fresh data. The following procedure is for correcting incorrect non-changing or very infrequently changing data such as MAC addressIP addresses, frequency, etc.

Correcting the Information

The information can be corrected by removing the Hotspot from the Web Dashboard and adding it back by following the steps in our help article Adding and Removing Hotspots from Web Dashboard. Once added back to the dashboard, the correct information should now display.

Contacting Support

If removing and re-adding the Hotspot does not correct the incorrect information, please create a ticket here. Please be sure to include the Bobber App version and your phone's model and OS version.

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