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What is an API?

Simply put, an API is a way to connect two different systems. In order to get blockchain related information and send information to initiate changes, the Bobber App needs to connect to an API to integrate with the Helium network. There are currently two public APIs in use - Helium and StakeJoy.

When Should You Switch APIs?

Due to the explosive growth of the Helium ecosystem, sometimes APIs can become overloaded or have trouble keeping up with the amount of concurrent requests. In these instances you'll often see errors like "429 too many requests" "API timeout" and sometimes when trying to send transactions you may get "error_invalid-txn-fee." Typically waiting a few short minutes and trying again will allow you to complete your request. You can also switch the API being used in hopes that the other API is processing less requests and will be able to handle your request immediately.

How to Switch APIs

In the Bobber App, tap "Settings" at the bottom of the screen. Under the "App" section, tap on the provider name next to "Choose API Provider"


In the pop up window, tap the API provider that was not selected on the previous screen.


The API provider should change.


Retry your previous actions to see if the request will now process. If still having issues, wait 5-10 minutes and retry again.

Contacting Support

If none of the above troubleshooting steps resolve your issue, please create a ticket here. Make sure to include the following fields:

Subject Line: Problem with Bobber App
Type of Issue: Technical Support
Please also include a description of the issue you are experiencing and your app versions

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