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Performing a Password Reset

NOTE: If you are logged into your Bobber App account and would like to reset your password, you will first need to sign out by tapping the Settings tab at the bottom of the screen then tapping "Sign Out"

At the initial screen of the Bobber App, tap the "Login" button.


On the login screen, tap "Forgot Password" and you will be brought to the password reset page.


Enter the email associated with your Bobber account and tap the "Get Code" button. You will be presented with a "captcha" challenge. Enter the numbers as shown and tap "OK"


An email will be sent to your email on file from with a verification code. You will have 160 seconds to input the code in the verification code field as shown by the countdown timer to the right of the field.


Once you get the verification code, enter it into the field and enter your new password. Complete one more "captcha" challenge at the bottom of the screen and tap "Next"


You should see a "Password updated" popup message and be brought back to the login screen. Log in by entering your email and newly set password and complete the "captcha" challenge, then tap "Login." You should see a "Login Success" popup message and the Web Dashboard will load.




Tap the back button at the top left of the screen to return to the home page of the app. You will need to sign in once more using your new password and then re-link your Helium account. Your password has now been successfully reset!

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