Gateway Onboarding

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If you are trying to onboard a Hotspot and are receiving a "This Hotspot already has an owner" error, refer to this article on the subject.

Start Onboarding

Download the full user manual here. *QR Code from the manual will also direct you to this page for more information regarding the Dashboard.

Waiting to Come Online

If you have made it to Step 3, the app will show ‘waiting for your device to come online.’ During this time, you can manually verify your connection by accessing the Local Dashboard of your Bobber 500.

NOTE: In order to access the dashboard, the device you're using must be on the same network as the Bobber 500 gateway. This includes disabling any active VPN connections and if on mobile, joining the WiFi network of the router that is serving the Bobber 500. If the dashboard site still will not load, wait 5 to 10 minutes and try again - the Bobber 500 may be performing a firmware upgrade and will need time to process this before the dashboard will be available.



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