Mining LoRa vs 5G

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Bobber 500 Capability 

The Bobber 500 will come with a pre-integrated LoRa module that will allow it to mine rewards for proof of coverage and data on the LoRa network. In addition to the LoRa HNT rewards, the Bobber 500 will allow users to earn rewards for offloading data from Helium network roaming partners that will allow hosts to earn rewards above and beyond the traditional Helium Hotspots. Learn more about mobile data offloading

You can buy the Bobber 500 and mine LoRa rewards just like any other Helium hotspot. The Small Cell can be added at a later time to mine additional rewards for the cellular data offload

Bobber 500 vs Helium Hotspots

While Bobber 500 has the capability to mine HNT across two different protocols, there are too many variables that affect earning to offer a definitive answer as to the kind of difference a user can expect. These variables include (1) the number of roaming partners onboarded (2) the location of your Indoor Small Cell  and (3) community approval (or otherwise) of HIP 37. Since we are still in the early stages of onboarding cellular roaming partners and have not yet approved or implemented HIP 37, you will not earn a lot more than a regular Helium hotspot on day one. However, if all goes well, we expect that over the next 24 months the earning potential of Helium 5G node operators will far exceed those of LoRa-only hotspot operators.

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