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Can I install this Indoor Small Cell outdoors in an enclosure? 


Will Bobber 500 work outside of the US?

Not at this time. 

Does Bobber 500 also mine HNT for LoRa proof of coverage like Bobcat Miner 300?


I already have a standard Helium hotspot at the same location where I plan to deploy Bobber Gateway. Will Bobber Gateway eat into LoRa rewards of my existing hotspot if I put it next to it?

Yes. Bobber 500 will double as a regular Helium hotspot so standard Helium rules will apply. If you already have a Helium miner at a location that is potentially excellent for cellular data offload, we recommend moving it.

What CBRS radios can I plug into my Bobber 500 to mine cellular data? Should I buy them now?

Since the Bobber 500 is powered by the Freedomfi software, any small cells, indoor or outdoor, as long as they are certified by Freedomfi to be plug and play with their gateway, are also compatible with our Bobber 500

Can I buy any CBRS radio myself and install it?

No. Bobber 500 will only work with Freedomfi-certified CBRS radios.

Will standalone Bobber 500 mine more HNT than other LoRa hotspots?

No. A standalone Bobber 500 works just like any other LoRa hotspots.

Can I install this Indoor Small Cell outdoors in an enclosure?


When I set up the Small Cell, will all phones nearby automatically get 5G coverage?

No. Only cellular devices that use data plans from Helium 5G roaming partners will get the coverage.  Helium 5G network will grow the number of Helium 5G roaming partners over time.

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