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  1. What is the advantage of the Bobber App? Why do I want to download this if I'm using the Helium App?
    The original Helium App will soon reduce its functionality to only manage Helium Hotspots. Additionally, Helium will soon release a new app called the Helium Wallet, which will allow users to manage their HNT and identities on the Helium Network, as mentioned in this official Helium announcement on 2/17/2022.

    While Bobcat customers do not have to use the Bobber App now, they should be prepared to migrate to Helium's latest app (when it is launched) and link it with the Bobber app in the near future, so they can continue to monitor and manage their Bobcat miners.

    By launching the Bobber App now, we are committed to taking the first step to supporting this evolution in the Helium ecosystem. We will continue to improve our App to provide users a satisfactory experience.

  2. Does the Bobber App offer remote troubleshooting features? 

    The Bobber App offers remote reboot, resync, reset and fast sync features via the dashboard. Users can access these features either via Bobber.cloud or directly from within the app once they have registered for an account and logged in. Remote features, however, will not work in the following instances:

    a. If the hotspot's sync status shows offline on the dashboard

    Note: The sync status is not real-time on the dashboard but is similar to the Helium App sync status display, which is updated every few hours. It's possible that your sync status is delayed and does not reflect the actual real-time status. For example, you may see it shows 'offline', meaning the hotspot was offline a few hours ago. The remote features will not execute as long as the sync status displays as 'offline'

    b. Similarly, when the sync status on the dashboard shows 'online', it reflects the status of when it was last updated. This could mean a few minutes or it can be a few hours since it was last updated. When a remote command is issued by the user, a downlink from the Bobcat server to the Gateway is scheduled. Once this happens, the downlink will be sent to the hotspot when it is next online and ready to receive the command. This may also take anywhere from a few minutes to a couple of hours. Keep in mind that the best and only way to see the real-time status of your hotspot and issue instant commands is by using the local diagnoser. Be sure to stay on the WLAN to access the Bobcat Diagnoser. 

  3. Will I lose access to the Helium app if I register and link my Helium account to the Bobber App?
    No, Helium will allow users from all makers to continue utilizing their app for the time being, but will begin to phase out functionality over time.

  4. What Happens to My Helium Account/Wallet If I Delete My Bobber Account?
    The Bobber app links to your account via a deeplink so deleting your Bobber account will have no effect on your account/wallet on the Helium app.   

  5. Can I onboard a Bobcat Miner 300 directly on the Bobber App?
    Users can now onboard a Bobcat Miner 300 directly on the Bobber app. It is important that you are operating on the latest version of the Bobber app and the Helium app. Keep in mind that the Bobber app relies on the blockchain, as well as the Helium API to successfully onboard hotspots to the network, so keeping everything updated will help ensure you have a seamless experience. 

  6. Can I register multiple emails and link them to the same Helium account, via the Bobber App?
    No, your Bobber App account will stay connected to the last email it was linked to. 

  7. Do I still need the Helium Wallet app?
    Yes, this App will be used to sign transactions for any Maker app and will be your Wallet where you earn HNT mined from your Hotspot.

  8. Where will my HNT be? Does it automatically transfer to the Helium Wallet app and will it be safe?
    Once you import your 12 word seed phrase, all your HNT will appear in the Helium Wallet app. Your tokens and Hotspots are safe.
  9. Do my 12 words from the Helium Hotspot app work on the Helium Wallet app?
    Yes, you can use the same 12 words from the Helium Hotspot app on the Helium Wallet app. Your HNT, Hotspots, Validators, and Data Credits will remain associated with that seed phrase which represents your private key on the Helium Network.

  10. Will users need to provide their 12 word seed phrase in order to access the Bobber App?
    No, the Bobber app will use a deeplink to the Helium Wallet app to sign transactions, including adding a Hotspot, updating location, antenna, and elevation, and transferring a Hotspot. This means users only have to enter their seed phrase in the Helium app. Remember, your seed phrase is the private key to your entire wallet, including HNT, Hotspots, and Validators, and should be kept safe.

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  • Comment author
    Alexander Hathaway

    I am trying to onboard a new miner I have been unable to do so in the bobber app.

    Just keeps coming up saying: something went wrong. We are having problems fetching your hotspots due to a api or network outage

    I don’t have any hotspots. I am trying to add one though.

    Have messaged support, seems like a lot of people are getting the same message please find a resolution. This is not ok

  • Comment author
    Khalil Danish

    Exactly the same for me 
    Unable to do register my bobcat miner since two days ago!!! 
    What's going on here why your bobber app is broken?

  • Comment author
    Steven Phillips
    • Edited

    Running into the EXACT same issue.  

    "Something went wrong.  We're having problems fetching your Hotspots due to an API or network outage.  Please try again later."

    "Try to change API Provider to solve the problem"

    Where is information related to resolving this issue in this Knowledgebase?

    04/09/2022 - Follow-up

    No longer receiving the error I was reporting above.  Was able to finish the setup process by following existing videos on the web.





  • Comment author

    Just bought a bobcat and can't onboard using the app. Probably going to return it. I just started and already this isn't worth the trouble.

  • Comment author
    Steve Lee

    This company is horrible with replying.  I ordered my unit in November 2021 and no emails or updates regarding my order.  


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