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What is the Advantage of the Bobber App? Why Should I the Bobber App if I'm using the Helium App?

The original Helium App's functionality has recently been restricted to only manage Original Helium Hotspots (OG Helium). Additionally, Nova Labs have released a new app called the Helium Wallet, which will allow users to manage their HNT and other tokens, as mentioned in this official Helium announcement on 2/17/2022.

These steps have been taken in preparation for the incoming migration of Helium to the Solana blockchain. Due to the migration, all Hotspot management (onboarding, updating location and antenna details, and monitoring) has been moved from the Helium Hotspot app to maker apps such as the Bobber App.

Does the Bobber App Offer Remote Troubleshooting Features?

The Bobber App offers remote Reboot and Reset features and monitoring via the Web Dashboard. Users can access these features either via bobber.cloud using a web browser or directly from within the app once they have registered for an account and logged in. Remote features, however, will not work if the Hotspot's status shows offline on the dashboard. For more information on this, refer to our article on remote support commands.

Will I Lose Access to the Helium Hotspot/Wallet App if I Register and Link My Helium Account to the Bobber App?

No. The Bobber App simply links to the Helium app in order to access your wallet as your seed phrase is never exposed to the Bobber App directly. The Helium Hotspot app will be phased out in the near future, but the Helium Wallet app will continue to function and will be required for the Bobber App to have access to your wallets.

What Happens to My Helium Account/Wallet If I Delete My Bobber App Account?

The Bobber app links to your account via a deeplink so deleting your Bobber account will have no effect on your account/wallet on the Helium app.

Can I onboard a Bobcat Miner 300 Directly on the Bobber App?

Yes, in fact with the feature sunsetting of the Helium Hotspot app, the Bobber App is now required to onboard your Bobcat Miner hotspots. Keep in mind that the Bobber app relies on the blockchain as well as the Helium API to successfully onboard hotspots to the network, so keeping your Bobber App and Helium Wallet apps updated will help ensure you have a seamless experience.

Can I Register Multiple Emails and Link Them to the Same Helium Account, Via the Bobber App?

No, your Bobber App account will stay connected to the last email it was linked to. 

Do I Still Need the Helium Wallet app?

Yes, this app will be used to sign transactions for any Maker app (such as the Bobber App) so the maker apps will not require access to your seed phrase.

Do my 12 Seed Words from the Helium Hotspot App Work on the Helium Wallet App?

Yes, you can use the same 12 words from the Helium Hotspot app on the Helium Wallet app. Your HNT, Hotspots, Validators, and Data Credits will remain associated with that seed phrase which represents your private key on the Helium Network. Using the Helium Hotspot app will also prompt you to migrate your 12 word seed phrase to the new Helium Wallet app.

Will I Need to Provide My 12 Word Seed Phrase in Order to Access the Bobber App?

No, the Bobber app will use a deeplink to the Helium Wallet app to sign transactions, including adding a Hotspot, updating location, antenna, and elevation, and transferring a Hotspot. This means users only have to enter their seed phrase in the Helium Wallet app. Remember, your seed phrase is the private key to your entire wallet, including HNT, Hotspots, and Validators, and should be kept safe! For more information, refer to our article on how crypto wallets and transactions work.

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