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The web dashboard allows users to easily monitor, manage, and assign hotspots to other hosts. At the moment, you can only link to one Helium account so users will not be able to manage hotspots across multiple wallets. Included on the dashboard are hotspot status notifications including the miner’s LED  status, gap, and temperature.

NOTE: Once a user has registered on the Bobber app, the web dashboard can be accessed either through this widget or on a desktop by visiting bobber.cloud. The login credentials for the desktop view via are the same as your Bobber app login. 

Selecting the “+” dropdown option on the left side of the hotspot name will give users access to a wide range of information including: (1) OTA version; (2) Private IP; (3) MAC1; (4) Public IP; (5) Peerbook; (6) P2P Status; (7) Change Host and much more!


Assigning A Hotspot to a Host


Select “Hosts” from the web dashboard menu and click the add button located on the top right. This will allow you to create a host profile. Complete all relevant fields and submit the form. 

Note: After entering the code required to submit the form, the host will receive an email notification with an account verification code that needs to be sent back to the hotspot owner within 2 minutes. If this code is not provided the hotspot owner will not be able to create the host profile.  

Once you have successfully created a host profile, you will need to (1) go to the “Gateways” option on the web dashboard menu; (2) select the “+” icon located on the left of the hotspot you’d like to assign; (3) scroll to the final dropdown item and click on “Change Host”; (4) select the host that you would like to assign the hotspot to. 

Note: Assigning the hotspot only allows the host to monitor the hotspot. The hotspot will remain within the owner’s wallet. 


Troubleshooting Features

When entering the web dashboard, select "Gateways" from the menu located at the top left side of your screen. Select the “+” dropdown option on the left of the hotspot name and scroll down until you see the blue buttons titled Reboot, Reset, Resync, and Fast Sync.
IMPORTANT: The features are not set to run right away and you will be prompted by a screen informing you that the command will execute in approximately 30 minutes.
Once you select "OK", a small red dot will appear at the top right of the feature button you selected. This indicates the feature is scheduled and now all you have to do is wait. Users do have the option to cancel the command and can do so by selecting the cancel button that will appear at the bottom right.
NOTE: You will know the command has been executed once the cancel button is no longer displayed on the screen. When your hotspot checks in with the Bobcat servers any commands you've scheduled will be sent to the hotspot to be executed. If your hotspot is not able to contact the servers due to being offline, not functioning, having networking issues, etc then the commands will not process until the next time your hotspot checks in. Hotspot status in the Bobber App can take some time to update which means there can be occasions where your hotspot is offline (i.e. not able to contact the servers) but shows online in the Bobber App and you are able to schedule commands. In this instance the commands will simply be pending until the next time your hotspot checks in, unless you cancel them before this using the cancel button.

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