Unboxing Your Miner

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What's Included?

Upon unboxing your unit, you should find the Bobcat Miner 300 (with detachable wall mounting bracket), a 4dBi LoRa enhanced antenna, a power adapter, mounting screws and wall anchors.

There are two conventional installation methods:

  1. Desktop: Place the Bobcat Miner and power supply on a horizontal plane (e.g., table, window sill, etc.)
  2. Wall-Mounted: Use the provided wall anchors and mounting screws to hang the Bobcat Miner on the wall. 


  1. The product installation process must be handled with care and there should be no violent collisions/drops.
  2. If using the included antenna, try to place the antenna as close to a window or balcony as possible. This will minimize the amount of obstructions between your Hotspot and the antennas of other Helium devices. If your windows contain UV filtering film, this will severely block the antenna's RF signals - in these cases it is recommended to place your antenna behind a wall so long as that wall is not made of solid concrete or brick.
  3. The particular topology and surrounding buildings/foliage of your area may require you to utilize an aftermarket antenna of a different dBi rating in order to obtain the best results. The included 4dBi antenna was chosen as it should provide good results for the broadest range of environments but is not tailored to specific environments.
  4. The Hotspot should be installed on a flat surface in a location that is dry, well ventilated, and has little dust. Locations that may expose your unit to rain, water seepage, and humidity should be avoided. 

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