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1. Where is My Order?

How Soon Can I Expect My Order? 

Orders are processed and shipped on a first come first served basis. Please refer to the following article for our current estimated shipping times for all products. As you get closer to your shipping window, you can check our Twitter or our shipping page where you will find a list of the order numbers included in each batch. 

When Will I Receive My Tracking Info?

Tracking will be sent as soon it is provided by the freight forwarder. Due to a high volume of shipping during the summer season, it may be 4-5 days or possibly more before this becomes available.

2. What is My Order Status?

How and Where to Check 

We presently do not have an online portal for you to check your order status. As of now we ask that you ensure you have received a confirmation email where you will find your order number. Please refer to the following article for our current estimated shipping times for all products. You can also check our Twitter and/or our shipping page where you will find a list of the order numbers included in each batch.

3. How Do I Pay with Crypto?

Payment Instruction Guides
Please note that we now only support USDC payments on the ERC20 network.
KYC Verification
If you are new to Coinbase you MUST complete a KYC verification prior to starting your order. IF you complete the KYC during the order process it can lead to a delay in your payment. This can timeout the transaction and you will not receive an order confirmation. 
Instruction Guides 
Coinbase - Video
Binance - Video

All payments must be submitted within an hour of the payment link being generated. The payment link will expire and you will need to restart your order.

4. Why Did I Not Receive an Order Confirmation

There are a few instances when customers have correctly paid using the correct USDC token via the ERC20 network, but they did not receive an email confirming their order. A few things may have happened: 
  1. The email ended up in your SPAM Folder. 
  2. You did not complete a KYC Verification with Coinbase before placing your order. 
  3. KYC verification was completed too close to the transaction being completed and thus the payment is considered delayed. 

If the third scenario applies to you, we will need you to complete this form. Please select ---> late payment from the options provided. One of our customer support agents will reply within 72 and provide you with a confirmation number. 

Lost Email Confirmation 

If you checked your inbox and spam folder, but still cannot find an email confirmation, please fill out our customer support form and one of our agents will resend the confirmation.

5. What's in the Box and How to I Setup My Hotspot?

What Is Included

Upon unboxing your unit, you should fine the Bobcat Miner 300 (with detachable wall mounting bracket), a LoRa enhanced antenna, a power adapter, mounting screws and wall anchors.

There are two conventional installation methods:

  1. Desktop: Place the Bobcat Miner and power supply on a horizontal plane (e.g., table, window sill, etc.)
  2. Wall-mounted: Use the provided wall anchors and mounting screws to hang the Bobcat Miner on the wall. 


  1. The product installation process must be handled with care and there should be no violent collisions/drops.
  2. Try to place the antenna as close to a window or balcony as possible. This will minimize the amount of obstructions between your miner and the antennas of other Helium devices. 
  3. The miner should be installed on a flat surface in a location that is dry, well ventilated, and has little dust. Locations that may expose your unit to rain, water seepage, and humidity should be avoided. 

6. What Frequency Should I Purchase?

Selecting a Frequency

Helium's LoRaWAN Network is built upon 8-channel gateways. It is extremely important that you select the appropriate frequencies for gateway configuration for each country.

Please reference the following two links to determine which frequency is right for your region:

Bobcat Frequencies

Bobcat currently support US915, EU868, AU915, AS923, and KR920. You should select your frequencies as follows:

  1. US915 - North America
  2. EU868 - Europe & UAE
  3. AU915 - Australia, Brazil, Peru, and New Zealand
  4. AS923 - Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam
  5. KR920 - Korea
Please note that the frequency of an individual Bobcat 300 is dictated by the hardware alone and cannot be switched using software updates of any kind.

7. What are the Antenna Specifications?

860-960MHz 4dBi LoRa Antenna w/ Coax Cable & Suction Cap 

All of our stock antennas are 4dBi. The length of the antenna is proportional to the wavelength of the frequency band. The frequency wavelength of 470 mHz is roughly twice that of 915 mHz, so proportionally, the CN 470 stock antenna is longer than the US/EU stock antenna.

NOTE: The antenna is waterproof and can be placed outdoors. 

Electrical Specification

General Parameters

Operating Frequency / MHz

860 - 960

Polarization / °


Electrical Downtilt / °


Circuit Parameters

Maximum Voltage Standing Wave Ratio


Third-order Intermodulation / dBm, @2x43dBm


Average Power Tolerance / W


Impedance / Ω


Radiation Parameters

Horizontal Half Power Beam Width / °


Vertical Half Power Beam Width / °


Gain / dBi


Ovality / dB 


Sidelobe Suppression / dB



Mechanical Specification

Connector Type


Antenna Size / mm


Package Size / mm 

subject to actual packaging

Antenna Weight / kg


Mounting Accessories Weight / kg


Radome Material



magnetic mount

Wind Speed Limit / km/h


Temperature / °C

working: -40 ~ +60, limit: -55 ~ +75

Lightning Protection

DC grounding

Product Level

Commercial V1.0

8. "Shipper Has Generated a Label"

Understanding the Shipment Workflow

Bobcat does not generate these labels, the weekly batch shipment workflow is as follows:
  • Every Tuesday, our freight forwarder picks up a new batch that is ready to ship from our factory.
  • The forwarding agent then sorts the orders, packs them into individual boxes, and generates shipment labels for all of them.
  • It is up to the agent to decide when these packages are handed over to DHL/UPS. While they handle this as soon as they can, sometimes a large batch means that processing will take until the weekend to complete.
  • We do not receive any tracking numbers until the very end of this cycle, which is usually the weekend. From here, we upload the tracking link into our system, so that customers can receive their tracking information via email.

9. Where Can I Find My Hotspot’s Frequency Plan?

Locating Your Frequency 

Your hotspot's frequency can be found on the label located on the bottom of the miner. This will require that you slide the miner's backplate off the miner.


10. Can I Change My Shipping Address?

To change a shipping address, you will need to complete our customer support form.

Please select the following options:
Reason for Contact: Shipping
Type of Issue: Address
In your message, please make sure to include the phone number and shipping address used when the order was placed, as well as the new shipping address you'd like the order to be sent to. 
We will try our best to accommodate this request, but it is up to operations team to determine if this change is feasible.

11. Underpaid or Overpaid My Order

Unfortunately, overpaid or underpaid orders will be canceled. Bobcat will refund the amount the was sent, minus the transaction fee.
To initiate the refund, please contact and complete this form.

12. Hardware Specifications (2GB RAM Model)

LoRa Specifications  

LoRa Frequency Band


LoRa Channel Plan


Channel Capacity

8-channels uplink, 1-channel downlink

LoRa Output Power

25dBm Maximum output power before antenna

Platform Configurations



Quad-core Cortex-A35 CPU




64GB eMMC 5.1 Flash




IEEE 802.11 b/g/n Wireless LAN

Input Voltage 





LoRa: reverse polarity male SMA


RJ45 Ethernet jack (10/100 port)


2.1mm, 12 Volt power jack

Physical Description



141 x 141 x 47 mm

Chasis Type 


IP Grade



Dark Gray



Operating Temperature

0° to +60°C

Storage Temperature

-40° to +85° C

Relative Humidity 

20% to 90%, non-condensing

Heat Dissipation

Radiator Grille

13. How to Access the Diagnoser

Access Your Diagnoser in 3 Steps

1. Connect the miner to the internet
2. Run Diagnostics using the Helium App or the Helium Utility App to get the miner IP address
3. Enter the IP Address in your browser.

Retrieve Diagnoser IP from the Helium App?

Follow the screenshots below to access your IP address using the Helium app. If you are the hotspot host and do not have access to the owner’s Helium App, you can also run diagnostics using the Helium Utility App to get the miner IP address.


Diagnoser Username and Password

There are a few Diagnoser features that will require you to input a username and password before the feature can be launched. Please use the following login (both are case sensitive):  

Username: bobcat
Password: miner

14. How to Get OTA Updates 

OTA's Are Automatic

Hotspots connected to Ethernet/Wifi will receive these updates automatically. No manual intervention is needed. You do not need to open any ports.

You should however follow these steps when turning on your miner for the first time:

  1. Always connect your miner via ethernet first.
  2. Allow the miner to remain on and connected for at least an hour before connecting to the Helium app via bluetooth. 
  3. Check your firewall settings.
  4. Contact support if the Bobcat Diagnoser is indicating you are not receiving the latest firmware.

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