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Limited Warranty 

Who is covered

This warranty is only extended to the original end-user purchaser for 12 months from the date of delivery. Products purchased on third party websites, auction sites, or from other users do not carry any warranty.

What is Covered 

In the event that Bobcat determines, in its reasonable discretion, that the defect in a product was not caused by the customer or a third party, Bobcat, at its sole discretion, will either (i) remedy the defect, or (ii) replace the defective product with a new or refurbished product. 

Products provided as replacements under the RMA service will remain under the original product’s warranty. The warranty date will not change or reset due to any RMA service performed.

What is not covered

The warranty does not cover defects or malfunction caused by misuse, abuse or improper maintenance, failure to follow operating instructions, or use of third-party equipment. Additionally, the warranty will not apply to damage caused by unauthorized alteration, modification or repair of the product. 



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  • Comment author
    Timothy Bryan

    My BOBCAT 300 arrived DEFECTIVE and will NOT keep port 44158 OPEN.  It's been two weeks since it arrived and after multiple requests for Technical Support, It's plain to see that it is DEFECTIVE!!  I desire to return the item and/or RECEIVE A WORKING REPLACEMENT!! You state that it has a 12 month Warranty but do NOT clearly offer the buyer online resources to 1) obtain an RMA number, 2) A Warranty Repair SHIPPING ADDRESS or 3) Customer Support to honor the warranty!!

  • Comment author
    Nuno Dos Anjos Pereira

    my  bobcat worked for two days then just died there is only a blue light inside
    but not LED status light or able to pair via Bluetooth or recognised by the router

    so dead

    Nuno pereira order number 1226743  

    the order was for two units  one of them still working for now

  • Comment author
    Timothy Bryan

    It's been 4-6 weeks now that I've had this defective Bobcat 300 that WON'T WORK.  PLEASE provide me with an RMA number and address where I can send this DEFECTIVE BOBCAT 300 for RMA REPAIR.  


    I am the ORIGINAL PURCHASER of this machine directly from BOBCAT...

    Why are you not honoring my request for repair?

    The BOBCAT 300 WARRANTY is NOT WORTH THE PAPER THAT IT IS WRITTEN ON; A little itty-bitty business sized card.  GARBAGE!! 



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