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Error: Your miner shows no Proof of Coverage activity or no Witnessing activity.

Points to: Possible issues with the miner's Docker container, antenna setup, RF noise issues, miner is not onboarded, and many more.

What You Can Try
1. Verify the miner has been onboarded using the Bobber App
2. Verify the miner is deployed in the appropriate region or it will not operate
3. Try Reboot
4. Try Reset
5. Ensure there are other miners nearby within antenna range
6. Ensure the antenna being used is suitable for the topology and location of the miner
7. Move the miner to the DMZ in your router settings to eliminate firewall issues
8. Check with your ISP to determine if they have traffic filtering upstream which is blocking Helium activity
9. If your miner operates on EU868 frequency, consider installing a filter to eliminate RF noise
10. If the issue persists, submit a ticket to Bobcat Support for investigation.

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