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status.json          100% |*****************  126   0:00:00 ETA
 "status": "Syncing",
 "gap": "1719",
 "miner_height": "1162898",
 "blockchain_height": "1164617",
 "epoch": "30576"

Error: Miner is having trouble syncing into the blockchain and the gap keeps getting larger.

Points to: Internet connection or snapshot not loading.

Why does this error happen?

If the gap keeps getting larger, it could be the case that the internet connection to the miner is unstable. It is always recommended that you sync into the blockchain for the first time with an ethernet cable. Other reasons why you may be experiencing syncing issues include a network bug or a snapshot not loading. If the gap has not changed in over 24 hours, your miner is likely having an issue with the snapshot.   

What you can try
1. Give the miner more time to sync.
2. Connect the miner to an ethernet cable for the first time sync.
3. Resync then fast sync from the Diagnoser, allow at least 24 hours after fully syncing. If the problem persists, proceed to step 4.
4. Reset then fast sync, allow at least 24 hours after fully syncing before reassessing.


What to provide customer support if unable to resolve
1. What type of internet service is the miner using, for example: Mobile, Hotspot, Broadband, Cable, DSL Satellite, Fiber Optic…
2. Provide more details about your Network set up; are you on a mesh network, are there additional miners on that network, are you using a VPN, IPV4, IPV6…?


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    Ahmad Shawi

    That's what I am facing with. Since I got my miner until now!

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    Timo Harthaus

    me too, since 19th of februar :( asking for a ticket, support seems to sleep :(


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