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Error: Miner in Relay or Has a Dynamic IP


Points to: Your Internet Router Settings

How to confirm relay status?

Under normal circumstances the only port you need forwarded to your Bobcat device is 44158. We have made power forwarding easier for you with an auto remove relay feature. 

Your Bobcat will automatically use the auto remove relay if you have UPnP enabled on your router. If you do not have UPnP available you can still open port 44158 to your device manually. Even with auto remove relay you will still need to manually set miner’s IP status to Static. This can be done in your internet router settings by reserving an internal IP address for your miner.  

When removing a relay it is important to know that Helium explorer can take a couple of days to show a removed relay status, you can confirm the up to date relay status of your miner in your Diagnoser under “Miner(5s)”. See the Peerbook section. 

The nat type represents your IP static or dynamic status. A static IP should read “non”. If this reads symmetric or unknown your IP is not static.

The listen_addrs represents if your port 44158 is open or not. If your port is open to your miner you will see your public IP under listen_addrs. If it is not you will see the hash address of a miner you are currently being relayed through.

After you make changes to your router it is sometimes helpful to cycle power to your miner.

What You Can Try
1. If you are having trouble removing relay or settings a static IP to your device it is suggested you start by contacting your Internet Service Provider and ask to speak to a technician. Ask the technician to help you do the following:
a. Set Static IP to the Device.
b. Enable UPnP or Open Port 44158 to the Device.
What to provide customer support if unable to resolve
1. For quickest results start by contacting your ISP technician.
2. If still unresolved after calling ISP tech please provide:
a. What type of internet service is the miner using for example Mobile, Hotspot, Broadband, Cable, DSL Satellite, Fiber Optic, etc.
b. Provide more details about your Network set up, are you on a mesh network, are there additional miners on that network, are you using a VPN…  
c. Provide the following screenshots:
i. Router's port forward settings
ii. Router's UPnP settings, if available
iii. Router's Firewall Settings
iv. Any additional router settings you think might help

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