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Why does this error happen?


This can happen for a variety of different reasons. Possible reasons include:

  • Your internet router’s firewall settings are blocking LoRa packets before they reach your device.
  • Your ISP has strict firewalls you are not aware of. Call your ISP to confirm.  
  • Your antenna is in a non-optimal location. 
  • You have the miner deployed in the wrong region. (AU915, US915, EU868, etc). 
  • There are too few miner’s in your area.
  • You are experiencing a network packet forwarding bug.
  • For more information on no witness (zero witness) troubleshooting see here:
What you can try
1. First try Reset then Fast Sync
2. Then try Resync then Fast Sync
3. Swapping antennas
4. Moving miner/antenna to a different location to test
5. Move the antenna outside to a higher, more visible location
6. Adjust local firewall settings to allow inbound and outbound packets on port 44158
i. OR you can set inbound/outbound pass packet rules at your internet router and confirm those settings with your ISP tech.
7. Double check with your ISP to see if there is a strict firewall.
What to provide customer support if unable to resolve
1. Confirm you have adjusted your firewall settings. If you have configured pass packet rules in your internet router, please indicate if you have confirmed that these were done correctly.
2. Describe where exactly your antenna is located. Is it inside/outside, on the roof, in a window, on a pole, under a tree, near a building, near a hill? Please be specific.
3. What type of internet service is the miner using, for example: Mobile, Hotspot, Broadband, Cable, DSL Satellite, Fiber Optic…
4. Provide more details about your Network set up, are you on a mesh network, are there additional miners on that network, are you using a VPN, IPV4, IPV6…

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    Andrew Herzman

    I hear a lot of complaints about broken “pig tail” wires.
    Poor quality production. Is the covered under warrantee?

  • Comment author
    joseph olaitan

    i have done everything my first experience after i got my box  till now i got 0 result


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