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Error: “Onboarding Key Not Found This Time..."


Points to: Docker’s Onboarding API Key

Why does this error happen?

This happens when the miner’s Docker is unable to read the correct onboarding API key. This can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes losing power or internet connection during an OTA can cause a miner's Docker to crash resulting in an onboarding error. This can also mean that the miner has not yet been added to the blockchain via the Helium Hotspot App. 

What You Can Try
1. First Try Reboot
2. Then Try Reset
3. Make Sure Your Miner is Connected to the Internet. What color is your miner's LED?
What to provide customer support if unable to resolve
1. If Possible, Send Screenshots of Your Diagnoser.
2. Indicate Miner's LED Color
3. Open Port 22, if Unable to Access the Diagnoser
4. Use this Link to Confirm Port 22 is Open (Include a Screenshot of this Page)


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