Status “Down” and Other Miner Errors

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Error:  “”status”: “Down” & “status”: “Error”

"status": "Down",
"gap": "-",
"miner_height": "command",
"blockchain_height": "1143562",
"epoch": "Error:"


 "status": "Error",
 "gap": "-",
 "miner_height": "-",
 "blockchain_height": "1150030",
 "epoch": "-",
  "tip": " Error response from daemon: Container 49dd5fae6f3094e240e9aa339947bc9f6336d5f997c495a37696095fc306f3d1 is restarting, wait until the container is running exit status 1"


Points to: Miner’s Docker Container

Why does this error happen?

This can happen if your miner’s Docker crashes. Sometimes losing power or internet connection during an OTA can cause a miner's Docker to crash. This can typically be fixed with a reboot or a reset.

What You Can Try
1. First Try Reboot
2. Then Try Reset
3. If the error persists, submit a ticket to Bobcat Support for investigation.

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