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Error:  “”status”: “Down” & “status”: “Error”

"status": "Down",
"gap": "-",
"miner_height": "command",
"blockchain_height": "1143562",
"epoch": "Error:"


 "status": "Error",
 "gap": "-",
 "miner_height": "-",
 "blockchain_height": "1150030",
 "epoch": "-",
  "tip": " Error response from daemon: Container 49dd5fae6f3094e240e9aa339947bc9f6336d5f997c495a37696095fc306f3d1 is restarting, wait until the container is running exit status 1"


Points to: Miner’s Docker Container

Why does this error happen?

This can happen if your miner’s Docker crashes. Sometimes losing power or internet connection during an OTA can cause a miner's Docker to crash. This can typically be fixed with a reboot or a reset.

What You Can Try
1. First Try Reboot
2. Then Try Reset
3. Make Sure Your Miner is Connected to the Internet. What color is your miner's LED?
What to provide customer support if unable to resolve
1. If Possible, Screenshots of Your Diagnoser.
2. Indicate Miner's LED Color
3. Open Port 22, if Unable to Access the Diagnoser
4. Provide Miner's IP Address
5. Use this Link to Confirm Port 22 is Open (Include a Screenshot of this Page)


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