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Miner is Receiving an OTA Update

A white light indicates the firmware is being automatically updated via an OTA. This can take several minutes and the LED will go back to Green once the OTA update is complete. If your LED light is consistently white, check the miner region inside miner.json. It could be that the region is ‘undefined’. 

Use one or more of the following features on the Bobcat Diagnoser to troubleshoot if the white light persists: 

1. Restart and wait an hour. If the problem continues.. 
2. Resync and wait an hour. If it’s still not fixed...
3. Reset and wait an hour.

If the problem continues, use the steps below to contact support. 

Contacting Support

Please create a ticket here. Make sure to include the following fields:

Subject Line: Hotspot’s LED is [INSERT COLOR]
Reason for Contact: Technical Support
Type of Issue: Syncing 

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