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Lost Seed Phrase

As noted throughout Helium documentation, losing your 12 words means you will lose your only access to your hotspot and HNT balance. Unfortunately, neither Bobcat or Helium can help retrieve lost seed phrases. 

Incorrect Seed Phrase 

You just might log into a wrong wallet or not be able to log in at all

If you used an incorrect seed phrase there is a chance you may log into an incorrect wallet or not be able to log in at all. Please reference this article to learn more. When typing on mobile devices, keyboards often add an extra space at the end of words as part of predictive text, or will change words to other words as part of predictive text. When typing in your seed phrase, be sure to double check each word after it is entered to be sure it matches what you have recorded.

Protecting Your Seed Phrase

A great option to protect your seed phrase is to use a cryptocurrency hardware wallet (sometimes known as cold storage). This will work to secure your funds however at the moment, you are not able to secure hotspot ownership using a hardware wallet. For more information, see this article.

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