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Trouble Connecting to the Internet

A yellow light means that the miner has started but it is having trouble connecting to the Internet. There is a chance this could have been caused by an OTA update, Network disconnection, and/or some other network issues. Additionally, the Sync Status on the Diagnoser will show loading when the LED status is yellow and the miner is loading snapshot. This happens when: (a) the miner is falling behind; (b) the db is broken (c) the db is automatically being cleared to free up disk memory (d) when user triggers fast sync/reset/resync. Leave the hotspot alone when sync status shows loading

For network issues, please see Network.

If the problem persists, use one or more of the following features on the Bobcat Diagnoser to troubleshoot your miner:

1. Restart and wait an hour. If the problem continues.. 
2. Resync and wait an hour. If it’s still not fixed...
3. Reset and wait an hour.

If the problem continues, use the steps below to contact support. 

Contacting Support

Please create a ticket here. Make sure to include the following fields:

Subject Line: Hotspot’s LED is [INSERT COLOR]
Reason for Contact: Technical Support
Type of Issue: Syncing

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    Derrick Bryant

    my light is yellow on two miner how do i fix it

  • Comment author
    • Edited

    tip": "miner not started. exit status 1"
    }. Led yellow

  • Comment author

    I am trying to do initial setup, I have done everything as instructed, I am not showing any hotspots on the bobber app and I don’t know what to do

  • Comment author
    Daniel Dron

    I am trying for over 1 mouth to make my miner work the LED is yellow all the time, changed 4 ethernet cables ,port forward , static IP, only errors nothing good , we need a fix or support to deal with this issue ASAP.


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