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The Bobber App 


A shortcut to the Bobcat Diagnoser will be available within the hotspots tab. Simply select the stethoscope icon located to the left of the Hotspots Settings section (gear icon). 

Additional diagnostic features (e.g., fast sync, reset, etc.) can be found within the web dashboard widget on the app. These features can be launched from anywhere in the world and do not require users to be on the same LAN as the miner. Learn more by visiting this article

Access the Diagnoser in a Browser

1. Connect the miner to the internet
2. Run Diagnostics using the Helium App or the Helium Utility App to get the miner IP address
3. Enter the IP Address in your browser.

Retrieve Diagnoser IP from the Helium App?

Follow the screenshots below to access your IP address using the Helium app. If you are the hotspot host and do not have access to the owner’s Helium App, you can also run diagnostics using the Helium Utility App to get the miner IP address.


Diagnoser Username and Password

There are a few Diagnoser features that will require you to input a username and password before the feature can be launched. Please use the following login (both are case sensitive):  

Username: bobcat
Password: miner 

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    Stefan vlad

    Why is the miner relayed, even though it is set exactly as you request? all ports are described, it is 100% synchronized. please let me know what happens

  • Comment author
    Alexei Schestakov

    a month has passed as the miner only synchronizes then writes an error and that's it. Every time I use his Recync Miner or Reset Miner, nothing helps me. 

  • Comment author
    Alexei Schestakov

    good afternoon, I see that your engineers have not been able to help me for a month already, re-read our correspondence, the same thing, our engineers are working, but there is no result !!! The error is the same for a month and nothing has changed. I am sending you another photo. My miner never connected to the blockchain. how long should i write to you? I want my money back so you don't solve this problem!!! Some promises about engineers :) funny

  • Comment author
    Andrzej Demczuk

    I've had the same problem for over a month now, did you fix the problem because the tech support is poor.

  • Comment author
    Tommy Diep

    I have same problem too regarding to the relay for month now. I try to resetting and change the port too. Nothing seem to work to get rid the relay. I need help!!

  • Comment author

    Show to me say already have owner ???!!!!! I buy new


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