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Did Not Receive an Order Confirmation Email

There are a few instances when customers have correctly paid using the correct USDC token via the ERC20 network, but they did not receive an email confirming their order. A few things may have happened: 
  1. The email ended up in your spam folder
  2. You did not complete a KYC Verification with Coinbase before placing your order. 
  3. KYC verification was completed too close to the transaction being completed and thus the payment is considered delayed. 

If the third scenario applies to you, we will need you to complete this form. Please select ---> "late payment" from the options provided. One of our customer support agents will reply within 72 hours and provide you with a confirmation number. 

Lost Email Confirmation 

If you checked your inbox and spam folder, but still cannot find an email confirmation, please submit a ticket and one of our agents will resend the confirmation. Make sure to select payment as "reason for contact" and confirmation as "type of issue"


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