Illegally Deploying Hotspots

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Using a Frequency in an Unsupported Region

Your miner will only beacon and witness normally if it's deployed in a region that legally allows you to operate a hotspot with the frequency you purchased.

Since PoCv11, Helium no longer allows hotspots deployed in unsupported regions to operate. For example, if you deploy a US915 hotspot in AS923 regions, the hotspot will not beacon or witness

Please see Helium's official position on this:[…]ike_i_am/hei5n4y/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Again, if you have purchased a US915 or EU868 hotspot, please make sure to deploy it in the correct region. The only way to revive a hotspot that is not witnessing and beaconing due to an illegal deployment is to redeploy it in a region that supports the hotspot's frequency.

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