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Before Powering Up

Please connect your hotspot to the internet via Ethernet before powering it up for the first time so that it will receive the latest Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates before you begin onboarding your Hotspot.


What do the LED Colors Mean?

For an in-depth breakdown of LED indicators, see our article on the subject.

Red: Hotspot is booting.
Yellow: Hotspot is powered on but it's not connected to internet.

Note: You should contact customer support if the LED light is consistently yellow for days, yet your internet connectivity is stable. Check your internet connectivity if the LED light switches between yellow and green consistently. Do not worry if the LED light is temporarily yellow, but can turn back to green on its own.

Blue: In Bluetooth mode. Hotspot can be paired with using the Bobber App.
Green: Hotspot is running normally.

Switching from WiFi to Ethernet

To switch your Hotspot's internet connection from WiFi to Ethernet, plug the Ethernet cable into the port on the Hotspot and plug the other end into your router. Then, reboot your Hotspot and it will automatically make the change to using Ethernet.

Bluetooth is On, but the Hotspot Cannot Pair

Turn off your cell phone's Bluetooth and reboot your Hotspot. Wait for one minute and turn your cell phone's Bluetooth back on before trying the process again.

Bluetooth Button is Held Down but the LED Doesn't Turn Blue

Using the pin to press through the BT button can sometimes be tricky. Make sure the pin is
positioned on the button and the button is depressed for five seconds. If it does not work, try rebooting your Hotspot. If still not working, there may be an issue with the Helium Miner software which can cause issues with Bluetooth pairing. Submit a ticket to us here and support will investigate the issue.

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