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Opening port 22 allows Bobcat into your hotspot to run remote diagnostics including old firmware update, miner not started, beacons with 0 witness etc. in case we can’t remotely access your hotspot through our VPN service.

1. Find a computer/cell phone/tablet that connects to the same network that your hotspot connects to and log into the router settings page.

2. Go to connected Devices and search for bobcatminer, mark down the internal IP address (it should be something like

If you have multiple hotspots under the same network, which is not the optimal, you should make sure the MAC Address matches that of the hotspot. If the hotspot is connected via Ethernet cable, then it should match MAC1 on the label on the back of your hotspot; if it is connected via Wi-Fi, then it should match MAC2.


3. Go to Port Forwarding page to set the rule.

Different routers may have different navigations, you can try googling your router brand and search for how to set port forwarding rules. Usually it should under Advanced Settings, and then Firewall.

4. Add a port forwarding rule for Port 22 and forward it to the internal IP address that you just mark down under TCP protocol.

You should specify both the internal port and external port as 22. For some router, it allows you to specify a range of ports, set both the start port and end port to 22. After you add the port forwarding rule, don’t forget to apply your changes.


5. Check your public IP address through googling what’s my IP or through

6. Double check your port 22 is opened through, filling your public IP address and port 22. If everything configures correctly, then you should see port 22 is open for the address!

P.S. If Port 22 is still not open after these steps, you can consider adjusting network security settings or contacting your ISP about this. Remember, leaving your Port 22 open is very dangerous, as it exposes your network to unknown hackers. Make sure to close port 22 after Bobcat has finished running diagnostics on your hotspot.


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