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On the /miner.json page, you will see the open/close status of these ports.

  1. Port 44158 - If the status is open, it means this port can be accessed from the internet. Your hotspot can still show relayed however, if the Nat_Type is not "none".
  2. Port 22 - This port should be closed. Only open port 22 if Bobcat technical support has requested that you open it.
  3. Port 80 - This port should be closed, although it will be alright if the status is open, because the Diagnoser has disabled external IPs from visiting so it’s not possible for others to attempt to manipulate your hotspot by taking hold of the Diagnoser. 

Display of your public IP in the /miner.json page

Your public IP will be shown inside the miner (5s) page

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