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What is a Relayed Miner

The Helium App or HeliumWeb. The Relay status is determined by lib_p2p. Hotspot’s connection is being relayed through another Hotspot on the network which may affect mining. If port 44158 is closed, opening the port should solve the relay. A Relayed hotspot may show “NAT Type Symmetric“ or  “NAT Type Restricted” in your Bobcat Diagnoser. Non Relayed hotspot shows “NAT Type None“. If it’s showing “NAT Type Unknown“, that means you need to wait until the NAT Type is found by the miner. To confirm if your hotspot is relayed, you can click the “Helium Api” menu in your Diagnoser and see if the address is p2p, your hotspot is relayed.

There are three ways to open the NAT for mining: UPnP, Port Forwarding and DMZ. You should only use one method to open ports at a time.

Open port 44158 means open port in your Routers. The port 44158 is open in your Hotspot doesn’t mean it’s open to the internet. You need to test if from the internet (see the steps. below).

All of these are features of the router’s firewall, Most routers will have these settings in the Firewall, router, virtual server or NAT settings.


Fix A Relayed Miner

1. Test Port 44158

If Port 44158 is Open, not Relayed. You can skip steps below.


2. Reserve bobcatminer IP address in your router

Your bobcatminer (old name was g280) IP address every time your router restarted if not reserved.

It can be found in LAN Network / DHCP settings.


3. Port Forwarding 44158 in your router, if you are using 2 routers top-down, port forwarding in the first router with the second router’s IP

It can be found in Game / Security. In some routers, it’s called Virtual Server.


4. Change your NAT settings to OPEN

Now change your “NAT filtering” to “open”.


5. IP4 SPI Firewall

Sometimes you need to try disable your IP4 SPI Firewall in the router if you can see it.


6. Restart your Router & your Bobcat Miner

Some routers don’t need restart but you’d better restart it if you don’t know


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    don pamintuan

    My ISP is Frontier, I'm having no luck. Has anybody else had this problem with Frontier and succeeded? Thanks in advance. 


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