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There are multiple reasons your Hotspot can be offline.

No Activity

If there has not been any Proof of Coverage activity (Beacons or Witnesses) in awhile, your Hotspot could display as offline or inactive on the Helium Explorer and in monitoring solutions such as the Bobber App's Web Dashboard. Access the Diagnoser page to verify your Hotspot is online and there are no errors. If everything looks good, try rebooting the Hotspot. Ensure you are in an area with other Hotspots within RF signal range to allow for Proof of Coverage activity to take place.

Problem with Internet Connection

It's possible there is an issue with the internet connection supplied to your Hotspot. If your internet connection is working for other devices, check our article on troubleshooting network issues to resolve the issue for your Hotspot.

Problems with Power

If your Hotspot is offline and has no LED activity, most likely the Hotspot does not have power. Verify the wall outlet is providing power to other devices or try moving the wall adapter to another power outlet or trying another outlet in a different part of the house.

Problem with Your Device

Your Hotspot can also show offline if there is a problem with the device itself or the Helium Miner software contained in your device. If you can access the Diagnoser page, try to reset your device. If you cannot access the Diagnoser page or the reset fails to resolve the issue, submit a ticket to us here and an agent will assist with your issue.

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