Basic Troubleshooting

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Investigating Issues

To determine if your Hotspot is experiencing issues, you can access the Diagnoser page to view the Miner's status and other helpful information. Our article explaining the meaning of LED colors can also be helpful in identifying any issues with your Hotspot. If you need to investigate issues related to Proof of Coverage or data transfer activity, the Helium Explorer can be a great tool to gather information about your Hotspot's activity.

Offline Hotspot

If your Hotspot appears offline or inactive, refer to our article on the subject for some basic steps you can take to resolve the issue. If your Hotspot seems to be offline due to networking issues, refer to our article on networking issues for ways you can get it back online.

Low or No Proof of Coverage Activity

If your Hotspot is experiencing low or no proof of coverage activity, there are a few easy steps you can take to try to quickly resolve the issue:

  • Verify there are no ongoing Helium network issues causing the pause in activity - refer to our article on how to keep up with problems and changes going on with Helium.
  • Verify other Helium Hotspots are within RF signal range of your antenna - Hotspots not in range of any other Hotspots AKA "lone wolf" Hotspots will not have any Proof of Coverage activity because there are no other devices sending Beacons for your device to Witness and there are no devices to Witness the Beacons your device is sending out.
  • Ensure your antenna is mounted properly and in a good position to allow it the best chance of communicating with other Hotspots.
  • Consider using an aftermarket antenna of lower or higher dBi rating depending on the terrain surrounding your Hotspot - the included stock antenna may not be ideal for every type of environment.
  • Verify your antenna and cabling are securely and properly attached to your Hotspot - finger tight. Power off your Hotspot and remove the antenna connector, then re-attach it to ensure the connection is good. Ensure the Hotspot is powered off any time antennas or cabling are attached or detached.
  • If still having issues with low or no activity, submit a ticket to us here and an Agent will assist with your issue.

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