What are OTAs?

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OTA (Over the Air) Updates are periodic installations of new firmware on your Bobcat hotspot that help optimize your device’s functions. 


Bobcat Firmware vs Helium Firmware

The Bobcat Miner 300 runs a Linux-based Operating System. Inside of this Operating System, various configuration files and pieces of software live which allow for the Helium mining functions performed by your hotspot.

Programs such as Docker, the Diagnoser, and troubleshooting utilities are installed along with hardware configuration files. The Helium Miner software is run as a Docker container and is what interacts with the Helium blockchain and allows for Proof of Coverage mining and Data Transfer over the Helium network.

Bobcat OTAs update things such as the version of Docker running on the hotspot, changes to the Diagnoser, changes to configuration files, and more.

Helium OTAs update the Helium Miner version. Nova Labs makes new Miner versions available regularly for makers (hotspot manufacturers) who then test the new version and push the update to their hotspot fleets.

Bobcat and Helium OTAs are always performed separately in order to help with troubleshooting in the event that an OTA causes an unintended side effect or bug. Each time a new OTA is released (both Bobcat and Helium), we post update notes to our update blog page. Refer to the posting for the OTA update to see whether it is updating the Helium Miner, or your hotspot itself.

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