What are OTAs?

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The Bobcat OTA (Over the Air) Updates are periodic installations of new firmware on your Bobcat Miner that help optimize your miner’s functions. 


Bobcat Firmware vs Helium Firmware

  1. There are two things running inside a Bobcat miner: (1) The Helium hotspot firmware (aka the Helium miner); and (2) the Bobcat firmware. 
  2. The Helium miner is what allows your hotspot to mine HNT. The Bobcat firmware updates the Diagnoser among other things. 
  3. These updates are always completed separately. This allows us to better isolate issues if an OTA ‘breaks’ something.
  4. Our OTA blog's released after every OTA update indicate exactly which firmware was updated. Please pay careful attention to this information to see if we're updating the Helium miner, or the Bobcat firmware
  5. The Helium hotspot firmware is regularly updated and released to all hotspot makers. Once released, makers test and push these updates to their own fleets.

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