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The Most Comprehensive Feature on the Diagnoser 

ATTENTION: Select the menu item once and allow it time to load.


Do not click or check this repeatedly, as it will slow down your miner.

The most important information available in section is outlined below:

  • "ota_version": "" - Shows the Bobcat Firmware Version; Check here to check against the latest firmware updates.

  • "miner": { "State": "running". "Status": "Up 13 hours", - Shows the current state of the Helium Miner software. If the Miner has crashed or not started properly, you will see some other result besides "running"
  • "Image": "...2022.08.17.1_GA" - shows the Helium Firmware Version

  • "errors": "" - Error codes are sometimes listed in this section. If nothing is displayed between the quotes "" this indicates no errors.

  • "peerbook": null, - This will now always display as null due to how the transition to Light Hotspot software has changed how hotspots handle their distributed communication. See this article for more information.

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