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The Most Comprehensive Feature on the Diagnoser 

ATTENTION: Select the menu item once and allow it time to load. 

Do not click or check this repeatedly, as it will slow down your miner.

The most important information available in section is outlined below:

  • "miner_alert": - shows the miner (aka the docker process) has started; if instead, you see ‘red alert’ as below, it means the docker process has not started for some reason.

  • "ota_version": "" - Shows the Bobcat Firmware Version; Check here to check against the latest firmware updates.

  • "Image": "...2021.08.2.0_GA" - shows the Helium Firmware Version

  • "height": [ "24246 947944",] - The first number is the election epoch and the second number is the block height of your miner. You just need to pay attention to the second number. You will be able to tell the true syncing status of your miner by checking this number against the block height number

  • nat_type - If this shows anything other than ‘none’, your hotspot may be relayed. Check here to see how you can remove the relay status

Peerbook - is one of the first health checks you can perform to see how your miner is doing. You want to see if you're connected to any peers, whether your NAT type has been correctly identified, and that you have some listen addresses. Your hotspot's peer book shows the hotspots peer to peer status. As long as you have an address listed in listen_addrs and some peers in the table at the bottom, you're connected to the p2p network and good to go.

If the listen_addrs is via tcp/44158, it means your hotspot is not relayed. A relayed hotspot's listen address will be via another hotspot on the network


Port 44158 - If the status is open, it means this port can be accessed from the internet. Your hotspot can still show relayed however, if the Nat_Type is not "none".


Port 80 - This port should be closed, although it will be alright if the status is open, because the Diagnoser has disabled external IPs from visiting so it’s not possible for others to attempt to manipulate your hotspot by taking hold of the Diagnoser. 

The miner.json page now displays a user’s public and private IP address, as well as port open/close information. Port 22 on your private IP is open by default. Port 22 on your public IP should is closed by default.


Time Out’ Display - if tcp port scan exceeds 5 seconds. Port 44158 will show "timeout/closed" instead of "closed". Do not be alarmed as this will not affect mining insofar as you have a listen_address in your Peer Book. 


Public IP display will show "unable to get your public IP," if the Diagnoser cannot get your IPV4. Do not be alarmed as this does not affect mining.

Display of your public IP in the /miner.json page

Your public IP will be shown inside the miner (5s) page


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