What is the Bobcat Diagnoser

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The Bobcat Diagnoser allows you to get detailed information of your hotspot by simply entering the miner's IP address in your web browser. Does not require bluetooth, but you must be on the same local network as the hotspot to access the web interface. 

What Exactly Does this Diagnoser Do?

This Diagnoser will consolidate valuable insights and key data related to your miner without requiring you to input a single query or having extensive coding knowledge. In accessing this diagnostic tool you will be able to:

  1. Prevent hotspot overheating w/ alert feature
  2. View your hotspot's current Helium and Bobcat firmware
  3. Identify Miner issues (e.g. Miner not starting)
  4. Reboot/Reset your hotspot
  5. Examine your hotspot's logs

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