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When to Use These Features

Consider the reset, resync and fast sync features in this order: prescription medicine, OTC (over the counter) medicine, and supplement. The first two treat symptoms and the last one only boosts the immune system. Resync will reload the snapshot, while the Reset feature will not only do the resync but will also rebuild the docker.

You should always try the resync feature first. If the system notification shows the resync was successful, you can then follow up with a Fast Sync to boost syncing speed. If the system notification shows the resync failed, then opt to utilize the reset miner option instead. You can still follow up with a fast sync once the reset is successful.

Fast Sync 

This is an alpha feature that gives healthy miners a sync boost, so they can quickly catch up to the top of the blockchain from the block they are syncing at.

IMPORTANT:this feature will NOT work for healthy miners whose gap to the blockchain is smaller than 400 blocks.

Resync Miner 


This action deletes the blockchain data. It does not, however, delete the Helium software. Your miner will start syncing from 0.


Reset Miner 


Consider this a system wide wipe over. This action deletes both the blockchain data and the Helium software. Your miner will reload everything and start syncing from 0.



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  • Comment author
    Ali Firouzabadi

    how the heck do I get these windows setup on my computer.  You keep talking about access to diagnoser and putting the ip address on the computer. How the heck do u do that?

  • Comment author
    Steven Irving

    The screen shots are produced by the miner. To get to them, type in the IP address of the miner into any web browser such as Internet Explorer. The address will change for each network but it is something like is shown in to screens above....

    When you press enter from that, you will get a login screen. If it is your first time logging in, it will be username: bobcatminer and the password: admin. You will be requested to change it on your first login.

    To find out what the address is of your hotspot, open your router admin screens. See your specific router to learn how to do that. It is usually something like router.login or or (very rare to be any other address). Then look for your miner in the listed of connected devices. It may show as an unknown device so then use the MAC address on the back of your miner to confirm you have the right device. It will show you the IP address of that device 192.168.....

    Good luck


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