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What is Sync Status?

Sync status is a feature that was added to the Bobcat Diagnoser in an effort to allow our users to assess their miner's sync status in real-time. The information for this menu item should be interpreted as follows:

  1. Green = Synced. Gap is smaller than 10 blocks

  2. White = Syncing. Gap is bigger than 10 blocks

  3. Red = Down. This indicates the miner software has not started yet. Often you will not need to touch the hotspot when the status is down. The miner will restart on its own.


This reflects the miner's real-time syncing status and will therefore not always match what you see on the Helium app, as the latter is often delayed.

Selecting this menu item allows you to see the miner's height and blockchain height. A fully synced miner will have a miner height that is larger than the blockchain height.

A negative gap is a good thing. It means you're at the head of the blockchain.


Changes from OTA Update on 12/17

  1. Diagnoser Sync Status Optimization - The Sync Status will show loading when the LED status is yellow and the miner is loading snapshot. This happens when: (a) the miner is falling behind; (b) the db is broken (c) the db is automatically being cleared to free up disk memory (d) when user triggers fast sync/reset/resync. Leave the hotspot alone when sync status shows loading and let it do its thing.

Temperature Readings 

The OTA on 10/18 combined the display for hotspot sync status and temperature readings.

If the temperature is above 65°C, the Diagnoser will show an ‘alert’ by changing the color of the temperature label on the menu.

Read these color changes as follows: 

  • Red = Above 70°C | Yellow = Between 65°C and 70°C | White = Below 65°C)

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