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Initial Contact

When you first submit a ticket to Bobcat, information is gathered that assists with processing your request. Once your ticket is submitted it is then picked up by a Bobcat Customer Support agent who will determine the reason the request was submitted and provide assistance as needed.

Customer Support agents will assist to resolve non-technical issues such as payments, refunds, shipping issues, and more. Agents are also trained to handle a variety of common technical support issues and can provide assistance to resolve a large number of the most common issues.

When technical issues are out of the scope of Customer Support, the agents will first gather any additional information needed for Support Engineers to begin work on the ticket immediately and will then escalate the ticket directly to a member of Bobcat's Support Engineering team.

Support Engineering Escalation

All technical support tickets beyond the scope of Customer Support agents are escalated and assigned to a Support Engineer. Support Engineers work to investigate and resolve technical issues and often must interface with a variety of teams such as Customer Support, Engineering management, Factory Engineers, Nova Labs, and more.

Support Engineers deal with a variety of issues related to hardware, software, the Helium blockchain, 3rd party antenna equipment, and more. Support Engineers also communicate directly with customers to keep them up to date of the latest developments with their ticket and relay any questions or instructions needed to address the issues.

In the process of working support tickets, Support Engineers also document steps taken to resolve issues, reach out to other parties for additional knowledge and troubleshooting steps, and are always learning. Doing so allows Bobcat to increase the number of issues we can quickly address by leveraging prior experience and research.

Support Engineers will resolve technical issues themselves whenever possible and will handle any necessary escalation of tickets to Factory Engineers in cases where device failure cannot be concretely identified or resolved. In instances where a defect in the unit is directly identified such as failing hardware tests, the complete inability to power on, and more Support Engineers will interface with Product Support to determine warranty replacement steps.

Factory Engineering Escalation

In cases where a device failure cannot be concretely identified (such as intermittent issues, or issues where there is no direct pass/fail test available), Bobcat will leverage the in-depth experience in device hardware and configuration provided by manufacturing's Factory Engineering team to assist in determining the root cause. Factory Engineers will perform steps to troubleshoot device issues, provide steps for Support Engineers to take, or provide instructions for customers to complete to eliminate possible causes. All possible causes must be eliminated before a device fault can be proven and a replacement can be approved per warranty guidelines. Factory Engineering will assist Support Engineers with resolving the issues or, when a fault is determined with the device, approve warranty replacement on those devices.

Warranty Replacement Guidelines

The Bobcat Miner 300's product warranty allows for device replacement only in approved circumstances where a defect in workmanship is detected. Many issues such as low or no activity, decreased rewards, Validator connection issues, and more can be caused by a variety of factors besides faulty equipment. Some of these factors include the model and type of LoRa antenna used, the type and length of cabling used, topology and surrounding materials where the Hotspot is installed, how many miners are nearby and how close or far they are, router firewall rules on the local network, ISP traffic filtering rules upstream, and countless more. In order to qualify a device for replacement, all of these possible factors must be eliminated so that the only conclusion left is that there is some hardware fault with the device, which will then qualify it for replacement.

Device Resales

In cases where a device is re-sold by the original purchaser, the warranty will not transfer to the new owner. Only devices purchased directly from Bobcat Miner are covered by this warranty- devices purchased through eBay or other second-hand sellers do not qualify for warranty. There are no official Bobcat product resellers, and the only official source for purchasing Bobcat devices is our official website.

While warranty coverage and device replacement cannot be offered to second-hand device owners, in an effort to provide the highest quality of service possible Bobcat will provide technical support and assistance for these devices.

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